Configure your favorite bike into a smart e-bike within minutes

Hurry! Only a few left in stock

starting at € 655 or at € 54/ month*

25/32 km/h Max Speed
2.9 kg Weight (from)
120 km Range (up-to)
10 min Installation Time
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In-house designed battery for up to 120 km range

Cadence Sensor

Pedal Speed



Remote Control

Controls your

Installation takes around 10-15 minutes on most bikes all tools needed for installation are included.

Vollkit includes only a few parts


Power bag

Elegant Bag that houses the battery and the electronics brain that talks to sensors and motor to give you the right power at right time

Cadence Sensor

Smaller than a matchbox this tech enabled sensor accurately measures the pedal speed and talks to the controller wirelessly

Powerful Hub Motor

Designed and produced in-house the motor takes instructions from controller and provides necessary torque and power

Remote Control

Wireless remote to help you set assist level

Bluetooth enabled

Vollkit Mobile App

Control the Vollkit by your phone share the ride and become part of the Vollkit community

Change motor settings

View your ride statistics

Use Vollkit map to plan your trip


Vollkit app

We designed Vollkit for you to transform
any bike into an e-bike as easily as possible


We created a very light fast-recharging kit for commuting and city rides (even if your city is hilly)

Road & Travel

We developed kits with high capacity and even more power for your big adventures

Brompton & Dahon

There are special kits for folding bikes and bikes with small wheels


We make kits with 16 - 29 wheels and possibility for you to build a custom wheel yourself with our raw kit

product set

Vollkit Features

product set


Integrated USB Charger or Dynamo Lamp Adaptor Provides on the go charging power
product set

Seamless Connectivity

Advanced App seamlessly connects with Vollkit and converts your phone into a dash board and control panel
product set

Stylish Mounts

Stylish seat post mount or Handle bar mounts

How to Install Vollkit in Minutes

Watch video to see how easily you can Install E-Kit on your Bike

Getting started with Vollkit is easy. Configure and order your kit today, using our Configurator

Tech stack

Field Oriented Control

Most Sophisticated Algorithm to Control Motors

Hybrid motor control

Sensored + Sensorless for better perfomance

Worlds first IOT enabled E Bike KIT

Inhouse Developed Proprietary wireless communication Protocol for ZERO lag communication between sensors

APP with native mobile frameworks

LI-ION Cells with highest capacity/weight ratio

Over-the-air firmware updates to keep making Kit better over time

The lightest removable 360Wh (10Ah) e-bike battery on the market - 1.6 kg. If you need more range just take spare batteries.

Technical Details

We develop Vollkit with a modern stack - FOC, ChibiOS, BLE 5.1 and others

36 V 250 W front motor

Black or silver for rim, disc or roller brakes

187 Wh (5.2 Ah, allowed on airplanes) or 360 Wh (10 Ah) Li-ion battery, fully swapable

Est range 15-30 or 40-100 km

Motor controller

FOC, sensored & sensorless for better perfomance


2.5 hours (5.2Ah batteries) or 3.5 hours (10Ah batteries) for a full charge

Assist speed up to 25 km/h on public roads, up to 30 km/h on private roads

Change the speed limit in the mobile app

Wireless Handlebar Remote

Switch the assistance mode

Two Locks

Secure your bag and battery when you want to leave your bike alone

Seat Post and Handlebar Mounts

Hang the battery bag where you want

USB Port & Dynamo Light Connector

Use your dynamo lamps and charge mobile devices during rides

Contact Us if you can't choose which one will be suitable for your bicycle

Transform Ordinary bike into


Configure your favorite bike into a smart e-bike within minutes

4.8 /5


If you already have a favourite regular bicycle then your best choice is an e-bike conversion kit. This choice is both cheaper (Vollkit-level complete e-bikes cost about 1900-2900 EUR) and eco-friendly (no need to produce the bike itself and utilize the old one). But even if you don't have a bicycle, you can choose any bicycle that you like and that suits you best (size, components, style) - and install the kit on it! We developed Vollkit for anyone to be able to install it. Plus, every kit contains a set of tools you will need for the installation. If you order the kit with the tyre - it arrivesalready installed.

Vollkit includes only a few parts - a wheel with the motor, a bag with the battery, a wireless cadence sensor and a wireless handlebar remote. The cadence sensor detects pedalling and commands the motor to assist. Mobile apps allow to set preferences like max speed or power, to check battery health and to view your ride statistics.
Installation takes around 10-15 minutes on most bikes, all tools needed for the installation are included.

We have replacement parts for all kit elements and manufacture them without a waiting list. It means that you won't have to wait long (like when you order a new kit) and will get the needed part within a very short time.

Yes, you can take Vollkit with the 5.2Ah batteries on a plane without quantity limits and without approval from the airline. More info here

Yes, it's safe to ride Vollkit in the rain.

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